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BackWater Valve Installation Toronto

Plumbing Mistakes Every Homeowner Keeps on Repeating

Plumbing maintenance is crucial for proper functioning of your home’s drainage and plumbing system. Plumbing requires a little of your time and money. If you are planning to do it yourself you need proper knowledge and tools for that. Many times people, out of ignorance or for some other reasons attempt some blunder mistakes that enhance your plumbing problems.


Backwater flow is the usual problem that most of the households bear. Backwater is the outcome of any blockage due to build up debris or frozen pipes. Backwater valve is necessary to eliminate this issue. Backwater valve installation Toronto industry provides instant services to all the residents of Toronto. They install valves that resist water from flowing back and improve the working mechanism of your drainage system.


Careless Garbage Disposal

Don’t Treat Garbage Disposals as Mere Trashcans

Garbage disposal units aren’t trashcans where you can put all your home trash. They are meant for small amount of foods only which must be crushed into small pieces to prevent choking. People treat them as trash bins where they dispose all their leftover food and waste.


There are certain types of food items that can block your home drainage system and create nuisance. Onion skin, potato peels, bones, shells of eggs and so on must not be disposed off this way. Rice, noodles are the kind of foods that usually expand with water and moisture they must be avoided. Never pour grease in the drain as that might clog up the drain pipes.


Foul Smell from Garage Disposal

Once the food debris increases up, it starts creating foul smell from the garbage disposal. This is the very first sign that can turn into an intolerable lingering odor. To eliminate the odor you can try these following steps:


         Keep some ice cubes, lemons, oranges in the drain that would help in preventing the smell at least for sometimes.


         Let the cold water run through the drain for some seconds.


Getting Rid Of Grease

         Pour hot water in the drainage pipes until the water flow with ease without any blockage.


         The dish washing liquid can be squeezed in the drain.


         In case these methods doesn’t work then call an expert plumber immediately.


Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters are also the most ignored parts in households. They are recognized during winters till the time they are used. Water heaters are enclosed vessels that heats water with electricity or other sources.


They are widely used in residential and commercial areas for supplying hot water. Technology has enhanced their lifespan but for their efficient performance you need to maintain their pristine condition. Following are some tips that could surely help you in their maintenance:


         Periodic cleaning of water heater


         Dust and debris free units and burners


         The burner should produce clear, blue flame always


         Prevent blockage (if any)


         Clean the electric motor and fan annually


         Visual inspection of safety valves is crucial


         Check the functioning of Thermostat devices daily


The above mentioned methods would surely assist you in solving and improving the living standards of your place. Avoid these plumbing mistakes and your professional repair costs will cm down significantly.


Santos water is an authorized plumbing company that provides 24/7 emergency plumbing assistance. We have expert plumbers who have years of experience in maintaining the plumbing systems of residential and commercial areas.